Picture of me in Limerick, Ireland
Campbell Jones
Budgie Desktop
A familiar and modern desktop environment for Unix-like operating systems developed by the Buddies of Budgie team.
Arch Linux
Package Maintainer
A lightweight and independent rolling release Linux distribution.
A test compositor to gain familiarity with Wayland and wlroots.
Wraith Master
A Wraith Prism RGB control application for Linux, built with GTK+ and Kotlin/Native.
This website. Built using Hugo, hosted via GitLab Pages, and proxied through Cloudflare.
Wraith Master 1.1 Is Out!
August 10, 2020
A small hiatus is good for the mind. This hiatus, however, is over, and its end has brought a new release of Wraith Master.
Wraith Master Hits Version 1.0
May 11, 2020
After months of work, Wraith Master is finally feature complete, and I’m ready to show it to the world. Or Reddit, more accurately.